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Why Chrissy Teigen never leaves home without hot sauce


This story was by Lindsey Campbell and originally appeared on Travel + Leisure

When you travel the world as much as Chrissy Teigen does, finding tricks to make life on the road a little easier is key. She’s found her perfect carry-on, she’s perfected the art of airport style, and she’s even mastered flying with her baby. So it comes as no surprise the model has a carry-on essential that will spice up her life no matter where she goes: hot sauce.

That’s right, Chrissy never leaves home without mini hot sauces in her purse. And it’s not just any hot sauce.

“I travel with mini Cholulas, mini Sirachas, and mini Samba Oeleks,” she told Travel + Leisure. “You can get like 500 [on Amazon] for like eight bucks. So I have a handful of each.”

Why the variety? Well, there are different hot sauces for different occasions — and it turns out Chrissy is very passionate about it.

“I hate when people serve you Tabasco with dinner,” she explained. “I’m like Tabasco is a breakfast hot sauce; Cholula is a breakfast hot sauce; Siracha is a dinner hot sauce; Samba Oelek is a dinner hot sauce. There are different hot sauces!”

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