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Even Amy Schumer can't get over Irina Shayk's irresistible sex appeal

As fate would have it, it-girl and comedy queen Amy Schumer seems to have as big of a girl crush on Irina Shayk as we do here at SI Swimsuit. 

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, Amy revealed that as her career skyrockets, and she handles it "like a complete champion," she feels like she's now allowed to talk to famous people. So during the Time 100 Gala, Amy beelined toward the most important person in the room (in her opinion)—the one and only Bradley Cooper. 

Jokingly, Amy explains that upon leaving the dinner, she felt like she just might be dating Bradley...that is until she saw him on TV at the White House Correspondence dinner with his actual girlfriend. Acknowledging what we all already know, Amy goes into detail about the flawless nature of Irina's body and the enviable way her gorgeous Russian accent sounds. 

Watch the video below for the full story (Irina is mentioned at 3:40): 

Ironically enough, Amy, you might not be so off about Irina being the perfect blend of a "panther and a leopard." In fact, here's a little throwback to 2012 when the goddess herself posed with a cheetah (close enough) on one of our most exotic shoots ever. 

Irina Shayk, SI Swimsuit 2012

Irina Shayk, SI Swimsuit 2012

Alas, we're sorry to say, Amy, it looks like the fight for Bradley's love and affection just might be, well, impossible to win. 

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