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Get to know SI Swimsuit 2016 Cover Model Ashley Graham!

In case you missed it: rookie and body diversity advocate Ashley Graham has landed one of three individual SI Swimsuit 2016 covers!

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During a historic moment in SI Swimsuit history, we crowned not one, not two, but three individual cover models last night during SI Swimsuit 2016 Revealed on TNT. And since the news broke, many of you have been asking, why a rookie? Why Ashley? We turned to our editor for a deeper explanation. 


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"Everyone thinks that it was Ashley’s Swimsuits for All campaign that brought her to my attention last year," said Assistant Managing Editor MJ Day. "But I actually met with Ashley the summer before that ad came out and already loved her. It’s one of my most memorable castings. She’s so beautiful and yet she was one of the most impassioned and articulate people who has ever come through my doors. We were just so excited to be in each others’ presence.

"She’s a champion for all women. There’s no denying that Ashley Graham brings something different to the table. It’s exciting to meet someone who can totally handle this moment, take it, and amplify it, all because of who she is and how she celebrates herself." 

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