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Ashley Graham's latest lingerie collection is pure fire


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Ashley Graham, multi-tasking extraordinaire, is proving her talent once more with her latest (15th!) collaboration with Canadian brand Addition Elle. The model-turned-designer joined forces with the brand to create Purple Rain, a body-positive lingerie line catering to women sizes 12-24.

Sexy as it is practical, Ashley's collection falls in line with her own personal aesthetic—a melding of contemporary glam and classic girl-next-door style.

In a promotional video, the model opened up about the intended shopper for her collection, noting that one size does not fit all, metaphorically speaking. “I think today, the woman who is wearing my lingerie is every woman. She’s not defined by a size; she’s not defined by a class; she’s not defined by race or age; she’s defined by herself,” Ashley said.

Ashley's campaign images are (of course) PURE FIRE. Here she is, lounging on a couch in her lingerie in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, as one does:

OK, if this is someone’s apartment, we’re insanely jealous.




It’s certifiably impossible for Ashley to take a bad photo. Head to to shop the line.

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