WATCH: Chanel Iman faces a swarm of aggressive bees - Swimsuit |
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WATCH: Chanel Iman faces a swarm of aggressive bees on set

Bees, bees and more bees. That's probably the most prominent thing Chanel Iman can remember from her SI Swimsuit 2016 photo shoot in Zanzibar. 

(Alright—she probably remembers the gorgeous landscape, incredibly kind locals, and those sheer bathing suits, too...)

In our next installment of SI Swimsuit 2016 outtakes, we're traveling back to the coast of East Africa. It was on these beautiful beaches that Chanel found herself taking quick naps in between being photographed with giant pythons and groups of Zanzibar natives. Pythons?! That's right! 

Talk about one EPIC photo shoot. How's that for keeping things interesting? 

Be sure to watch Chanel's full outtakes reel above, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for updates on all of the ladies you love! 

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