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Chrissy Teigen owns Beyoncé in the race for 'Favorite Celeb Instagram'

And then there were two...

The final round of E!'s annual, online vote for the 'Favorite Celeb Instagram' account of the year is open and our girl Chrissy Teigen is thissss close to being crowned for her social media prowess and, quite frankly, realness. The competition began with 16 A-list celebrity accounts, ranging from Justin Bieber to Drake to Kylie Jenner, and the victor is set to be announced tomorrow. 

In the previous round of voting, Chrissy found herself up against Queen B, but as much as she might have wanted to, she did not bow down, and instead knocked Bey out of the running with almost 70 percent of the vote! We call that a major victory in and of itself!  

So who does our sexy mama-to-be have to beat now in order to nab the title? Only the current Queen of Pop, Taylor Swift. Can you hear the sarcasm in the word "only"? With 57.2 million followers, Taylor certainly has a loyal fanbase, but will her most faithful vote enough to declare her the winner? Let's hope not!

To cast your ballot for "Favorite Celeb Instagram," visit E!'s online poll now. And while you're at it, be sure to show Chrissy some love on Instagram and Twitter, because without her, our social media feeds wouldn't have been half as fulfilling in 2015! 

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