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Chrissy Teigen shows off her new spray tan in a nude selfie


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Chrissy Teigen has a complicated relationship with spray tans. One she’s never been afraid of discussing in great detail, predominately via her preferred social media mediums of Twitter and Snapchat. While in the past she’s admitted that she’s undoubtedly a “spray-tan addict,” she’s since taken a bit of a break, mostly due to the simple time constraints of being a new mom. But now it seems she’s back on the bronzed bandwagon, sharing a partially nude photo of herself on Snapchat sporting a freshly applied golden glow.


As we said, when it comes to spray tans and the Sports Illustrated model, her feelings are mixed to say the least. Last year around this time she was documenting her trials and travails, leaving a perfectly butt-shaped, brown imprint on her white bed sheets and opining the many nightmares of attempting to get that artificial bronze while breastfeeding, writing on Twitter, “just spray tanned around my breast pump outline. the logistical challenges of a healthy beach glow while boobing are incredible.”

Earlier this month she stated she’d given up on the whole process, telling People exclusively, “I’m very fair-skinned without a spray tan. People don’t realize how incredibly light I can get. I’m a spray tan addict, but admittedly I haven’t been doing it for a long time because I just don’t f—ing care anymore with the baby!” But it seems that since then Chrissy has managed to find a spare moment or two for herself, sharing a nude Snapchat of herself beaming into the camera using just her arm as bra with the caption, “FINALLY A SPRAY TAN THANK YOU FIONA.” Maybe this time just remember to put down a towel before you crawl into bed for the night.

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