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Cris Urena on Instagram: Before she was an SI Swimsuit Rookie

Cris Urena and her photo-friendly Persian ::

A rare twofer sighting ::

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED may have made them Swimsuit models but these ladies have always been dimes, even before their Rookie shoots, and Instagram can attest to that.

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These days it's all about building your "brand". During Launch Week in Februrary, Cris Urena told me that at some point an industry professional suggested the model Instagram fewer pictures of her pets and more pictures of herself. She smartly took heed of the advice, and it's apparent when you see how the ratio of fuzzy friends to sexy selfies switches.

So here's a (dumb) question: according to the galleries below, which version of @crisurena do you like better?

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THIS ONE . . . 

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