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Daniela Pestova of the SI Swimsuit 10-timer Club is your Thursday throwback

Daniela Pestova in Barbados, 2003

Daniela Pestova in Barbados, 2003 :: Gavin Bond/SI

DANIELA PESTOVA is a Swimsuit legend in the most obvious way: a mind-blowing ten appearances ('95, '98–99, '00–'04, '06, '14) and three cover appearances  ('95, '00, '06), and my God does the Czech stunner still have it.

The ineffable Darcie Baum (if this Swimsuit editor isn't already your favorite person in the world, she's about to be) continues her pillage of the Swimsuit archives for the best behind-the-scenes shots through the years, both from on location and from the SI offices during the model fittings. We have, to put it politely, a crapload of Polaroids and otherwise coming your way every Thursday, so do yourself a favor and stick around. After all, who doesn't love to reminisce about those pre-Instagram days when photos looked old because they were.

This week we have an exclusive 'roid-raging (that is to say, Polaroid) look at Daniela's Barbados 2003 SI Swimsuit shoot with photographer Gavin Bond. The scans come replete with the duct tape used to post the Polaroids up in the SI editors' lockers to the work-related bulletin boards. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Daniela + Barbados + cheesy music = <3