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Danielle Herrington Reveals What Wins Her Over When it Comes to Dating

Our girl Danielle has some pretty solid dating tips!

Get a pen and paper ready because Danielle Herrington’s dating advice is definitely worth taking notes on!

In an interview with AskMen, the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model revealed what it takes to win her heart, and what is sure to kill the spark.

“Confidence, a sense of humor, and kindness are the qualities I find most attractive in a man,” she told AskMen. “Women find confidence so attractive, but it’s also refreshing to meet a guy who isn’t trying too hard. And please don’t use any pickup lines–they usually don’t work.”

That’s right, no asking Danielle if she’s tired from running through your mind all day. 

Another one of her dating don’ts? Bad manners. 

“If the person I’m on a date with is rude or disrespectful to others, it’s a deal breaker for me,” Danielle said. “It speaks volumes to their character and how they may treat you in the future.”

So, what are this beauty’s tips for keeping the romance alive? Handwritten notes and phone calls are a good place to start.

“I LOVE when a guy calls,” Danielle said. “No one calls anymore, so now when a guy does, it stands out to me so much more,” she says. “I think it shows a lot of confidence and that little bit more effort makes a huge difference. Texts are too easy!”

And, yes, that means no Instagram DMs either!

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