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Who needs clothes? Check out Emily Ratajkowski's most revealing shots

Emily Ratajkowski has her own style and it involves very little clothing.

Whether rocking a sexy crop top, red bikini or just bra and underwear, Emily Ratajkowski has her own style and it usually involves minimal clothing. So when she first shot for SI Swimsuit in 2014, it was a natural fit. 

In the video above, we look back at Emily's most revealing moments, and they don't disappoint. Whether "wearing" her arm or an oversized leaf, Emily sizzles for the cam. No wonder the internet can't get enough of this brunette stunner.

And since we know you can't get enough Emily, we compiled a Top 10 list of times she's stripped down to her birthday suit and made the internet go crazy. What can we say? It's EmRata's world and we're all just living in it!

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