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Emily Ratajkowski takes skinny dipping to a new level with nude vacation photo

Emily Ratajkowski strips down for a sexy snap from her Mexican vacation. 

Sun's out, buns out! 

The weather is getting warmer again, and you know what that means... It's time for a new, nude photo of Emily Ratajkowski on vacation! 

During a tropical getaway to Mexico this weekend, Emily posted a few sexy snaps to Instagram that show off the famous figure we all know and love. "La Sirena," she captioned the latest shot, referencing her resemblance to a mermaid while skinny dipping in the ocean. 

The "Blurred Lines" star, former SI Swimsuit model and outspoken activist for women's rights has been vocal about her belief that women do not have to be modest to be respected. 

• Emily Ratajkowski shares a topless selfie during an exotic getaway

"There's this idea that if a man enjoys a photograph of a nude woman or if he likes your short skirt, he's taking something away from you.​..It's not right," she explained during an interview with Harper's Bazaar last year. "Sex is normal. Desire is normal. Attention is normal, and that's okay."

All we know is that we like mermaids and we like Emily Ratajkowski, so this might just be our favorite Instagram photo of all time! 

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