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Instagratification Friday

So, this just happened . . .

Elsewhere, Julie Henderson went to Art Basel and came back to a steady job, Nina Agdal, who this week did not lose her shirt but tried to, thought about Max George, AnneV ran with an interesting sort of crew, Michelle Jenneke remained crazy fit, Alyssa “Don’t Sweat My Swag” Miller learned the way of the domino, ChrissyTeigen stuffed Puddy into an ugly sweater, BarRefaeli found a retro shot of her and her model mother, GenevieveMorton was serious about you having a happy holiday, EmilyDiDonato and model friend/creeper AliMichael watched the Victoria’s Secret show in their jammies, DominiquePiek and KatherineWebb reminisced about the Swimsuit days, IrinaShayk nuzzled some kitties, JessicaWhite confronted her pteromerhanophobia, ChandraNorth caught the eye of a certain editor, CarolynMurphy posted a throwback of herself with C.Z. Guest and Iggy Pop (ZOMGZ), Hannah Davis reminded us of her days as a tennis champion and LindseyVonn reminded us that before she was a skiing champion, she was a tiny and adorable skiing champion. And some other stuff, also.