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Even Gigi Hadid can’t keep her cool around Kobe Bryant


After rocking teeny bikinis on the set of SI Swimsuit, strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway, starring in mega-popular music videos and hanging out with her celebrity BFFs, you would think Gigi Hadid has spent enough time in the spotlight to become immune to getting starstruck. 

But even Gigi can’t keep her cool around Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, which she charmingly revealed at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards.

The Los Angeles–born beauty was voted Our New Girlfriend at the awards, where she told the spectators listening to her acceptance speech that the prospect of speaking in front of her childhood idol gave her all the butterflies.

“I thought I was going to come wing it,” Gigi said. “And then I woke up this morning and I was like, ‘Gigi, there’s no way you’re going to be able to be calm or cool in front of Kobe, ever in your life.’”

The 2016 SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year is...Barbara Palvin!

We still think Gigi is the ultimate cool girl, but we totally understand being put at a loss for words in front of your celebrity hero. 

For proof of Gigi’s die-hard Lakers fandom, check out this adorable Instagram she posted on the night of Kobe’s final game, and watch the full video of her Our New Girlfriend acceptance speech here.

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