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Behind the Tanlines of the Jersey Shore with Hannah Davis, Sara Sampaio and Gigi Hadid

It took a minute for Hannah Davis to accept the vulnerabilities of her new new look.

It took a minute for Hannah Davis to adjust to the vulnerable new look.

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HAPPY FRIDAY! As we've been doing each Friday, we're taking you very much behind the scenes of another Swimsuit 2014 shoot: the Jersey Shore, with Hannah Davis, and all-star rookie duo Sara Sampaio and Gigi Hadid. As I made it clear in our original post about the Jersey feature, this shoot held a little more weight than your average Swimsuit shoot, since 90% of the Swimsuit staff and its supporting characters hail from the Garden State.

Granted, the talent didn't have the same ties to the state, with the shoot boasting a Portuguese, a Malibu-ian, and a U.S. Virgin Islander. But as a New Jerseyan myself I think the grit each model showed in braving the ogling guidos, the freezing waters of the Atlantic (the water is ALWAYS freezing) and, in one case, a highly ineffectual t-shirt, are reason enough to declare them honorary members of the Jersey Strong Society.

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