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Gigi Hadid is the classiest flasher in a trench coat since, well, ever, and more news for your Labor Day Swim


  • Who knew the concept of trench-coated flasher could be both adorable and benign? Gigi Hadid gives new meaning to the "hobby" in this vid for 
  • As for this vid of Marloes Horst promoting the Free People/For Love & Leomons collab, yeah, you'll want to see that one too. 
  • Oh! Oh! Wait! There's also this Vanity Fair online exclusive featuring perennial fave Emily Ratajkowski. It's got pics, words, video. In other words, one more thing you'll wanna see.
  • Not gonna say a whole lot on these celebrity nude leaks beyond the fact that it's my belief that Chrissy Teigen is one of the world's foremost voices of reason these days. (This endorsement does not necessarily the reflect the opinion of anyone other than myself, but Christ on a cracker! Sympathy and privacy are not just a privilege afforded to the average person.) /endrant 
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Gigi for Vogue

Marloes for Free People

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