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Gray Malin's photographs of Antarctica are beautiful, haunting

NOT SURPRISINGLY we feel a special connection to Antarctica, so when we saw Gray Malin's photographic series about the continent, we had to share. Malin juxtaposes vast landscapes from the South Polar region with everyday beach objects, meant to bring attention to global warming. Proceeds from sales go towards the Climate Reality Project.

Reads the artist statement:

Antarctica, the last true wilderness of our planet, is dramatically changing just as we start to understand its great significance. Gray was drawn to the natural landscape of the glacier covered continent as well as the formations of floating icebergs. Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallels coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to shifting climates. 

Check out the pictures, and then go to to find out more about the project. And then come back and click on those related links below. 



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