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Laugh along with Hailey Clauson in her 2015 Kauai outtakes!

Earlier this week, we required some help in wishing rookie Hailey Clauson a belated happy birthday. And because you did not disappoint, we're coming at y'all with a little present...Hailey's 2015 Kauai outtakes!

Hailey Clauson SI Swimsuit 2015 outtakes

Starring alongside photographer Yu Tsai, Hailey and the SI Swimsuit team brave the elements to capture the perfect shot. I mean, who thinks of fierce rain and hurricane-esque winds when they think of Hawaii? No one. 

Hailey Clauson SI Swimsuit 2015

Who says ultra-sexy and beautiful women can't also be hilarious and total pranksters at heart? That's exactly why the girls of SI Swimsuit are quite simply the best!

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