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Hannah Ferguson opens up about that nearly naked body paint shoot


If you're a fan of SI Swimsuit, you've probably seen the famous 2014 Hannah Ferguson body paint shoot. How could you miss it? The Texas native donned nothing but some barely-there body paint. We finally got a chance to sit down with Hannah and ask her about the shoot.

"I was nervous because I'd never been that revealed on camera before," Hannah said. "But it was a fun experience. I just embraced it, went with it and actually really had a fun time."


As for whether she actually felt naked, Hannah went on to explain, "I think because everyone else thought I was wearing something, I felt like I was wearing something. Just a little mind game. But it was really cool. It looked so realistic."

In the two years since this shoot, Hannah has skyrocketed to fame and the cover of Maxim, but nothing will top these 2014 body paint photos.

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