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Hannah Ferguson discusses finding 'the one'...the perfect bra, that is

It's offical—Hannah Ferguson has done it all. She's even been turned into an animated character! 

In the newest commercial for Triumph Lingerie's Magic Boost Bra, Hannah and crew star in a short animated clip about "finding the one, again." But it's not what you think. Most animated fairy tales showcase princesses on a mission to find true love, but this time, our girl is dead set on finding the perfect bra. Yep, you read that right! 

"It was intriguing to be transformed into an animated character," Hannah told "It's funny but when I was little I dreamt in animation so it was bizarre to finally see it; it literally felt like I was watching one of my dreams! It was also really exciting to be on set with the creative teams and understand the process. The live acting component of the campaign shoot brought everything together; connecting the dots from animation to reality."

She continued: "I think Triumph have totally captured that 'ta-dah!' moment women have when wanting to find great fitting lingerie through this really funny and charming TV ad."

What more could you ask for? Hannah even offered up her tips for getting bikini-body ready as summer quickly approaches! 

"I do love to work out; it's something that relaxes me especially when I'm traveling a lot," Hannah explained. "I mostly keep fit by running, attending SLT (strengthen, lengthen, tone) Megaformer classes, or doing a yoga class here and there."

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