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Behind the Tanlines Madagascar: In which Irina Shayk takes to the skies in a "homemade boat-plane"

Tensions are high, Dramamine flows like honey in Part II of Behind the Tanlines Madagascar


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WE MADE it to another Friday so congratulations to all of us! Let us rejoice with Part II of Behind the Tanlines Madagascar. It's all the things written in the text above played out against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean paradise.

Will Irina's seasickness translate to the homemade boat plane (seriously, though, what is that thing called?)? Will MJ Day really losing her job by allowing Irina to board what resembles the Hindenburg of the seas? Why doesn't Irina's IMDB page have a single reference to an upcoming James Bond project?

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GALLERY: More from Irina on the Red Island (photos by Derek Kettela)