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Irina Shayk 2011 outtakes: More fun than a barrel of monkeys

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UNLESS WE'RE talking real monkeys in which case that could actually be fun.* Heaven knows these things are kind of a bummer.

Last week we posted this video from the entire 2011 Philippines shoot that featured a handful of all-stars/future cover models, including Irina Shayk (whose boyfriend some of us might be feeling little torn about at the moment), Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen. Today we bring you more from that historic shoot with some gleeful Irina outtakes, which fall under the category of "As Far From Being a Bummer as Possible." Enjoy!

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GALLERY: Irina in Boracay, Philippines, shot by Raphael Mazzucco 

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*DISCLAIMER: We claim no responsibility for injuries that may result from the attempted barreling of monkeys, nor do we condone such pursuits.