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#WCW: Get intimate with Irina Shayk for SI Swimsuit 2015

Feeling a little wompy on a Wednesday? Allow us to help. 

Enter our #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Irina Shayk. What is there to say about the Russian beauty, who has graced the pages of SI Swimsuit since 2007, that hasn't already been said? With natural beauty that rivals some of the world's most famous models, she's best known for her work that spans the likes of couture labels, mass retailers, lingerie lines, international spreads and everything in between. 


So for no real reason other than needing a little mid-week pick-me-up ourselves, we're treating you to Irina's intimates from her time in Kauai for SI Swimsuit 2015.

Already seen the video? Are you really complaining about watching Irina crawl around on the beach again? We didn't think so. 

Happy hump day, everyone!

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