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Bite me! Irina Shayk makes swimming with sharks look effortlessly sexy

Swimming with sharks and stingrays? That sounds like just another day on set with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit! Right, Irina Shayk?  

When we took everyone's favorite Russian beauty down to Tahiti for one of our most exotic shoots of all time, we knew we would be coming home with epic photos and priceless memories. What we couldn't have expected was Irina's willingness to do anything in the name of capturing her sexiest photos of all time. 

Enter the sea life of Bora Bora: 

That's right—our ten-time SI Swimsuit model isn't afraid of swimming with sharks. SHARKS. How much do you love her now? Even more, we're sure! 

P.S. Be sure to keep an eye out for the moment an overly friendly stingray realizes just how sexy Irina is and makes his intentions very, very clear. 

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