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Kate Bock's line of body chains is the sexiest jewelry collection ever

Remember those super sexy chains that Kate Bock modeled for SI Swimsuit 2015? You know, the gold ones that ran along Kate's absolutely flawless figure? Yep, those are the ones. 

Well turns out SI Swimsuit isn't Kate's only fan, and the model turned jewelry designer has now created her own line named Cattura Jewelry. Her website explains that the line of "body chains is versatile enough to be worn on any occasion," and pairs perfectly with your favorite "swimsuit, lingerie or on the red carpet." 


"I have been wearing my body chain for a few years now," the designer explained. "Every time I'm in yoga, spin class or on the beach, girls are always coming up to me and asking where my body chain is from. So I decided to make them available to anyone!  

"It’s been so much fun for me every step—from designing the chains, picking the color beads, building the site...It's all been a whole new world and so cool to learn."

The word “cattura” means “to capture”, and Kate went on to tell us the idea is that "the body chain 'captures' your body." 

So the next time you're searching for a way to add an "extra layer of intimacy" to your wardrobe, we encourage you to check out Cattura Jewelry. Congrats, Kate, on your gorgeous line of body chains! 

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