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Kate Bock is as American as Canadians come

Swimsuit Issue 2013

Dear SwimDaily faithful,

I write to you while on board a plane to Milwaukee to beg of you: please accept my most sincere apologies at the inconsistent posting. There was a bout of food poisoning followed by a 30th birthday (ughhh), a deep post-30th depression, and other things you really don't give a crap about. And now there is that whole Christmas holiday you may have heard about.

So herewith I offer you not just words, but actions. Enjoy this video of the lovely Kate Bock, the 2013 Rookie of the Year. Little known fact: during the launch party in Las Vegas last year Kate also "won" the "final rose" from party host, but best known as host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, Chris Harrison—which is to say she asked for the rose in his lapel and dude gave it up. Kate Bock, you are a true American-but-actually-Canadian hero.

In any case, enjoy this video from last year's shoot in the Easter Islands and let's try to forget our time apart, yeah?