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Wanna look as hot as Kate Upton? Follow her supermodel workout regimen


Who doesn’t want to look as hot as Kate Upton

Now is your chance to get as toned and taut as Kate by following along with the supermodel workout regimen her trainer, Ben Bruno, released to PEOPLE.

After warming up, Kate begins her workout with landmine squats, squat jumps and hip thrusts. Work that booty, Kate.

Then, the blonde babe seriously shuts down anyone who says models can’t be strong by pushing a 500-pound sled to end her workout. 

Hip thrusts and heavy weights: Kate Upton takes her 'kegels seriously'

As if it weren’t obvious from the video evidence, Ben calls Kate a “total badass in the gym,” as she dedicates five to six days a week to maintaining her flawless figure.

Inspired to hit the gym? Follow along with Kate’s seriously impressive training videos here, and try not to let your jaw hit the floor when you see how much weight she can hip thrust.

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