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Katherine Webb: Model on the Street

Lee Feiner (BTS); Troy Robertson (Katherine, right); (basketball)

Lee Feiner (BTS); Troy Robertson (Katherine, right)

THE 2013SI Swimsuit model, former Miss Alabama, sweetheart of AJ McCarron, imaginary-sweetheart of Brent MusburgerKatherine Webb is a football kinda gal. You know this.

But we're not the type to pigeonhole or make assumptions about our models. That's why we picked Katherine "Sports Illustrated SI College Hoops Expert for an Hour" Webb for our NCAA Tournament-themed pound-the-pavement assignment on the streets of New York City in which she asked passersby about their take on the upcoming Sweet 16 match-ups.

Of course we don't actually care about the punditry of randomly chosen New Yorkers and tourists, so we had to have a little fun with the task. Take a look:

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GALLERY: Katherine does SI Swimsuit

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