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Kim Kardashian West Picked Spinach Out of Ashley Graham's Teeth at the Met Gala

Ashley Graham recalls the time that Kim Kardashian West picked food out of her teeth at the Met Gala. 

Ashley Graham's podcast has been out less than an hour, and already we're obsessed!

In the first episode, Ashley sits down with media mogul Kim Kardashian West to talk everything from motherhood and and marriage to spirtuality and life in the public eye.

Less than two minutes in, the two mega babes start chatting about the first time they met at the VMAs in 2016. Ashley was admittedly starstruck and only said hello after getting a little encouragement from her hubby, Justin Ervin. And as fate woudl have it, the two style icons crossed paths again a year later at the Met Gala, and reconnected over...boobs. 

"We were chatting about boobs," Ashley laughed. "I love talking about them and I feel like you do, too." 

Upon their second meeting, the two were already clearly destined to be friends, and Kim was there to save her new pal from a disaster on fashion's biggest night of the year. 

"[I had spinach in my teeth and] I was trying to get it out," Ashley said. "I couldn't get it out, and you just put your finger in my mouth to get it out."

Talk about a true friend!  

Launching today, the "Pretty Big Deal" podcast will feature "off the cuff conversations about culture, beauty, business and owning who you are." And the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model turned style icon and body activist is enlisting the help of her celebrity friends like Kim Kardashian West, Amy Schumer and Gabrielle Union. 

The audio version of "Pretty Big Deal" is now live! The video version will premiere on YouTube on Thursday, October 4. Follow "Pretty Big Deal" on Instagram for announcements, behind-the-scenes content and more. 

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