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Lily Aldridge and Hilary Rhoda sparkle in Chanel, Cindy Crawford should be a life-coach, and more news


I remember my first Sports Illustrated shoot was with the photographer Walter Iooss and Jule Campbell was the editor, and we were at the president of Mexico’s private house in Cancún—this was before anything else that’s now in Cancún even existed. And they told me to get a tan, so I spent all morning in the sun and I was burnt. Then Jule hands me this pink bikini, which just blended into the rest of my skin, and I felt very pink, very burnt, and very not right for the job. I remember just squirming, not knowing where to put my hands. And all of the sudden I hear Jule Campbell go, ‘Oh my god, she moves so great!’ and the photographer says, ‘Yeah, smokin’!’ It’s funny because it’s the things you sometimes think of as your flaws that actually make you who you are.