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Naomi Campbell, Niki Taylor . . . we're throwing it back to the '90s!

NAOMI CAMPBELL has been all over the gossip blogs lately, but none of the stories have stirred up more excitement (in me, at least) than that recent intimation that a 1990s Supermodel reunion is in the works. Imagine! Those faces that dominated every billboard and newsstand. Those sagacious hosts of House of Style that taught you how to wear your overalls with one strap. Together! Again!


Who will make the cut for this ultra-elite homecoming remains a mystery, but it did make me wonder how many of our former Swimmies might qualify. Turning to the Swimsuit archives, I found lots of lovelies who fit the bill (which means lots of 1990s throwbacks to come).

One particularly exciting find was a 1997 Swimsuit shoot in Venezuela that starred two 90s icons: haute darling Naomi and commercial sensation Niki Taylor. It was Naomi's second Swimsuit appearance and Niki's first and only, and the pairing was just so ripe for this week's Throwback Thursday, I just couldn't resist.

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GALLERY: Niki & Naomi's Excelente Adventure

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