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Nina Agdal is living proof that models should always work out in teeny bikinis

It's official. Burpees, mountain climbers and push ups look SO MUCH SWEETER when done by a model in a barely-there bikini. Thanks, Nina Agdal

In case you needed one more reason to fall madly in love with everyone's favorite Danish babe, Nina's super sexy workout on the beaches of the Dominican Republic is sure to do the trick. Known for her love of everything from boxing to spin to plain ol' cardio, Nina proved that there's really no excuse for not working out, which includes when you're shooting on an exotic, tropical island. 

For the 1000 time, we get it, Nina. What you sweat is what you get.

So just to be clear—you're saying that if we opt to do a few reps of this routine in between beach-chair lounging the next time we're on vacation, we'll get a body like yours? Oh, not exactly? That's a shame. Let's all resume admiring your flawless figure then. 

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