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SI Swimsuit's Nina Agdal for Op: Behind the scenes

Nina Agdal :: Courtesy of Op

Nina Agdal :: Courtesy of OP

I REMEMBER in middle school taking loads of Op board shorts and tee-shirts and swimsuits and mini skirts and tank tops and whatever else I could get my hands on into the dressing room and emerging with no clear decision on which of the 50 items I should buy. Most likely my mom would buy me one thing, and I would spend my impressive $6/hour sandwich shop income on something else.

So Nina Agdal's new campaign for the surf brand, shot earlier this month in Miami, is close to my heart, and I'm extra excited to bring you these behind the scenes photos. But I'll admit—I'm a little sad that by the time I made enough to afford my own wardrobe, I'm no longer welcome in the juniors' department. I suppose I could do what I do best and live in the past, via Etsy.

Or I can live vicariously through these joyous images, and the video below. And then I can definitely not be found logging on to and purchasing some things for my upcoming vacation, certainly not that cute galaxy-print bandeau or that retro tropical number . . .

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