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When a NYC cab driver picks up SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal, he ends up losing his bumper...literally

If you were a cab driver in New York City, you might dream of picking up A-list celebrities, visiting political figures and, of course, supermodels. But what happens when a dream comes true? 

As NYC cabbie Joseph found out the hard way, sometimes you lose your bumper...literally. In a recent episode of MTV's Middle of the Night Show, host Brian Murphy and 2014 SI Swimsuit cover model Nina Agdal paired up for an unforgettable game of "Crash Cab." 

“New York cab drivers know the best ways to get around the city, but how much do they know about pop culture?” Nina asked. And off they go! 

Watch the clip below to see Nina grill Joseph on everything from Star Wars characters to the leading ladies of Girls:

It's really a shame that Joseph had to go and lose his bumper, because he was on quite a roll. Be sure to check out the full episode to see Nina also school some frat bros in a game of "Bro Pong." We can't make this stuff up...

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