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Nina Agdal shares some advice for staying in shape: 'You'll never regret a good workout.'

Nina Agdal reveals her ultimate secrets for staying in shape. 

What you sweat is what you get. And Nina Agdal is living proof of that. 

During an event at Overthrow Boxing Club in NYC last week, Nina opened up to ET about what ultimately keeps her motivated to stay in shape. 

"I always tell myself [working out is] the one thing I won't regret," Nina said. "Like, you'll always regret that slice of pizza; you'll always regret that glass of wine. [But] you'll never regret a good workout." 

The former SI Swimsuit cover model is extremely vocal about her love of various workout classes and went on to explain that switching up her routine helps keep things interesting. 

"I do so many different things," she continued. "I do Y7 Yoga, I take a lot of Akin's Army classes, Soul Cycle, boot camps, Tone House, SLT, boxing. I do everything." 

How's that for the perfect combination of sexy and strong?! Fans may also recall that their favorite Danish model also loves a good workout on the beach. Earlier this year, Nina embraced her own "no excuses" mantra to complete a workout of burpees, mountain climbers and push ups oceanside. 

Can we implement a mandate that all models should always work out in teeny bikinis? 

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