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Sonia Dara is our pick for One Hot Wonder Wednesday

WE SPILL a lot of digital ink here on SwimDaily focusing on those models whose names have become synonymous with the SI Swimsuit brand. But as the saying goes, once a Swimsuit model, always a Swimsuit model (the Marines stole that one from us), so on One Hot Wonder Wednesdays we honor those models whose time with us, while fleeting, definitely made an impact.

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WHEN SONIA Dara came to us, she was a sophomore economics major at some no-name university in some podunk town called Cambridge, Mass. So how lucky were we that she was willing to put her studies on the back burner temporarily for an SI Swimsuit shoot on the other side of the world? Said Dara in her rookie interview:

My classmates at Harvard will flip when they see this—especially the nerds. And at Harvard that's everyone, myself included. I'm usually in jeans, a chunky sweater, a ponytail and glasses, with my head buried in a book. The people who know me would have to seriously use their imaginations to picture me as any kind of model.

But, in the end, there would be no imagination necessary to experience the nerdy Sonia's sexy side; her gorgeous work said it all. See for yourself.

GALLERY: Sonia takes India (FULL SIZE)

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VIDEO: Sonia on the move