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Robyn Lawley on one-size-fits-all body image: ‘It’s kind of stupid’


Robyn Lawley has long been an advocate for celebrating all body types, and she didn’t hold back when sharing her opinion on the one-size-fits-all body image that has permeated the fashion industry during her most recent interview with Yahoo! Beauty.

“Trying to make everyone this one ideal and (saying) that’s the only type of beautiful person there is, it’s just not even logical. It’s kind of stupid,” Robyn said. 

You go, girl. 

Robyn told Yahoo! Beauty her beauty goal is to feel strong, and we love that she personifies that goal in body and in spirit. Stay fierce, Robyn!

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The Australian beauty also said she wishes every photo shoot was like Sports Illustrated’s shoots. We love you too, Robyn.

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