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The power of naked Ronda Rousey causes swimsuit to sell out in hours

It's official: Everyone wants to be like Ronda Rousey

It's true! Ronda Rousey will appear in body paint in SI Swimsuit 2016

In case you somehow missed it, everyone's favorite MMA Queen is going to be appearing in SI Swimsuit 2016—but it's her lack of a swimsuit that has the Internet still buzzing a week later. Ronda will wear NOTHING BUT BODY PAINT in our upcoming issue, and the suit her paint was inspired by seems to be almost as popular as her behind-the-scenes photos. 

We Are Handsome, an Australian swimwear and activewear company, created The Fighter internally with inspiration coming from "fierce, strong women who are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what they do or how they look." And "apart from its very apt name," there couldn't be a more perfect person to don the scoop neck style swimsuit than the world's most resilient fighter herself. 


So how impactful is it to have Ronda Rousey wear your design? We Are Handsome is seeing the direct impact over and over again. The brand reports that sales "grew more than 300% over the next few days [post leak], and [they're] almost sold out online." But don't worry—the retailer plans to "re-cut and get more stock before the issue comes out in February," so you can hit the beach in Fighter style, too!

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