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SwimDaily's Oscars Hangover

Getty Images (Brooklyn, Anne V); WireImage (Chrissy, Hilary); FilmMagic (Irina & Petra)


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IF YOU ask me, and since I run this blog, you essentailly did, those were some horribly horrible Oscar speeches. Jared Leto thinks Venezuela cares about his Best Supporting Actor Oscar? Matthew McConaughey's hero is who? Himself?Cate Blanchett insisted her award experience was "exacerbated" by Daniel Day Lewis?  And it wasn't a speech, but John Travolta, if you have one name to remember perhaps could you perhaps practice it alone once before you mangle it in front of the world? C'mon Hollywood. Cut that noise.

Instead, let's take a deep breath, think about the powder blue of Lupita Nyong'o Prada gown, and take a look at some pretty pictures from the weekend's affairs in Tinseltown, starring those easier-on-the-senses Swimsuit models.