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Working Out With: Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Jessica Gomes has one of the most incredible bodies on the planet, with curves to die for and legs for days. How does she keep it that way? By mixing up her workouts. She loves to go outside and walk, works with her amazing Pilates trainer Cynthia in LA, hikes, dances, lifts and often visits Cycle House when she feels like working up a good sweat.

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According to Jess' trainer Cynthia: "Pilates is known for its incredible core work, but it has so many different modalities that you can really go in there and lengthen, strengthen and sculpt a completely new physique, if you want!" Jess worked with Cynthia for six weeks prior to her shoot in Guilin, China.It obviously worked, as Jess looked incredible in the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue. We may not be able to give you her body, but at least we can share her workout secrets.

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If you just do cardio with little to no weight lifting, your workouts will be pointless. It helps that Jess has a workout buddy when she lifts! Working out with a gym buddy definitely motivates—they give you that little extra push when you feel like you just can't go anymore. (It doesn't hurt that they both look super stylish when working up a sweat: Jess' shoes are by Nike (Flyknit Lunar 1+) and her leggings (similar) and top (similar) are by Australian designer Work Out Life.)

If you're inspired by Jess' gorgeous physique, why not lace up those sneakers and get moving? Below are some of my favorite places in NYC, but if you are in LA, Philadelphia, Kentucky, Texas, what have you, there are definitely similar alternatives.

Spinning:  Soul Cycle (NYC, California), Flywheel (NYC, LA, Florida, Atlanta, North Carolina, Seattle, Texas, Philadelphia, Dubai), Cycle House (LA)

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