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Your Friday Instagratification: The week that everyone went to Asia without me


So apparently I am the only person that was NOT in Southeast Asia this week. Emily DiDonato did a Maybelline shoot in Bangkok; Izabel Goulart struck a pose in every corner of Cambodia; and Anne V and her other-half Matt Harvey continued their self-actualizing jaunt across Indochina, just now making their way into Burma. But there were a few models that, like me, didn't get the "Get thee to Asia" memo: Bar Refaeli took a—erm—precarious picture with some Jersey Shore fellas in Terry Richardson's studio (as if there's any other kind of picture you could take under those circumstances); Esti Ginzburg claimed she was tired and in bed, but failed to explain that clubbing eyeliner she had going on; Christie Brinkley embraced the string bikini while on vacation with her brood in Turks & Caicos, as well she should; a crestfallen Lindsey Vonn adopted a dog to boost her spirits after having to pull out of the Sochi Olympics; Damaris Lewis took her first polaroids with her new agency; Jess White bemoaned her natural hair (which, FWIW, is gorgeous); Quiana Grant reveled in the #engagedlife by wearing Minnie Mouse pjs while whipping up a smoothie for her fiancé; Alyssa Miller also flaunted her pajama body; Heidi Klum continued her Master Cleanse, God knows how; Brooklyn Decker's dog took a photo for his online dating profile; Brooklyn, for her own part, posted a screen shot from her new sitcom, alongside one Dawson Leary (who inexplicably prefers to go by James Van Der Beek); Julie Henderson got all Tim Riggins andTexas Forever-like;  Michelle Vawer had her cake and modeled with it, too; Cintia Dicker's #dickerswimwear hashtag had us confused about whether she is developing her own line, or trying to memeify "Cintia Dicker in swimwear" selfies; Heidi Klum was among the of the "Ladies who LoveCoolJames;" Nina Agdal issued a mea culpa for forgetting to shave; Kenza Fourati denounced her past life as a film student; Tyra Banks wasdefinitely wearing a moustache in that ANTM promo shot, right? —because she offers zero explanation for it; Carolyn Murphy tells me that it's time to join the gym; Kate Upton cuddles a baby donkey (NOT a goat); and some other things and stuff and what not and so forth and we don't stop 'cause we can't stop.