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Your Friday Instagratification

Bunny ears, birthday wishes, Beach Bunnies and babes . . . lots and lots of babes

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SOMETHING ABOUT Swimsuit models in bunny ears is so . . . un-holy, but something tells me you all don't mind, especially when those models are Emily Ratajkowski and Izabel GoulartGigi Hadid's 19th birthday garnered a slew of shout-outs from industry friends, including makeup artist Allan AvendañoSara Sampaio and Galore Magazine. Samantha Hoopes continued to please her growing fan base with lingerie pics, with Galore adding another Samantha BTS treat from a new Beach Bunny shoot; Anastasia Ashley paid tribute to the release of Kate Upton's movie The Other Woman by donning a white bikini;Sara Sampaio flashed her new model VIP card; NBA spokesmodel Damaris Lewis did a basketball balancing act for No Tofu Magazine; and plenty of other goodies to sustain you for the last few hours until the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, have a good one!