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Friday's Instagratification

@mj_day | @1arielmeredith | @official_annev | @hilaryhrhoda | @heidiklum | @luvalyssamiller

@mj_day | @1arielmeredith | @official_annev | @hilaryhrhoda | @heidiklum

From now on Fridays will be dedicated to the Instagram gems we didn't feature throughout the week, so make sure to swing by every morning for the entire experience.

In this week's feed: Jessica Hart appears to have been stalked on the beach, which resulted in a strangely beautiful sight; Michelle Jenneke flipped a pancake (no word on how it landed); Heidi Klum saw her parents in herself; Katherine Webb missed summer; Chrissy Teigen's bulldog did bulldog things; Kate Bock danced with herself; Alyssa Miller went to work, and then sleep, and then work; Anne V had some crazy awesome bombshell hairdo thing going on at a shoot; Nina Agdal still can't find her shirt; Rachel Hunter rode a horse on the beach and rolled around in a field of flowers; Kenza Fourati made a snow angel, or passed out in the snow—hard to tell; Swimsuit editor MJ Day gave a geek chic sneak peek (ha!); Jarah Mariano lives a thug life; Cintia Dicker quit smoking; Bar RefaeliCarolyn Murphy and Damaris Lewis wore glasses, Emily DiDonato's eye color continued to defy nature, and some other things.

Enjoy your weekend!