SI Swimsuit: The Week in Instagram

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@lindseyvonn: #tbt me and almost all of my globes :)

@lindseyvonn: #tbt me and almost all of my globes :)

In terms of social media, the week after Halloween often resembles those dreary weeks that follow Christmas and New Year's. Everyone loves a feed filled with hilarious costume posts. But then it's back to the Instagrind (sorry): selfies, duckface selfies, pictures of food and selfies.

That said, there are always a wealth of goodies on our Instagram feed thanks to the extraordinary lives our models lead. This week Lindsay Vonn paid tribute to her massive trophy collection with the above throwback ; Bruna Schmitz and a friend chased "whaterfalls" (which is adorable and should be a Dr. Seuss character); Alana Blanchard posted a dazzling underwater shot that makes me curse the impending winter; and Hilary Rhoda offered up a cute FaceTime screengrab from a long distance chat with her mom. All that and more if the price is right  in the gallery below.