Lands' End ladies freaked over Emily Ratajkowski's almost-naked GQ cover

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Spend over $100 or more, get a free issue of GQ! For customers of Lands' End, it seemed like a good deal until the July issue appeared in mailboxes across the country, with an almost naked Emily Ratajkowski on the cover. Lands' End customers FREAKED over the "racy" and "obscene" cover, and women in khakis, polos and turtlenecks everywhere took to Facebook to tell the clothing company what they thought about the bonus magazine. One woman wrote:

“I am appalled that Lands’ End — which I have always thought of as a ‘wholesome,’ family-oriented company — would be the one to expose my son to pornography!”​


"Lands End, you screwed up big time. Don't send GQ to my house as a "reward". I hardly consider undressed women to be "rewarding" for me or my young children. I have been very brand loyal for YEARS, this better be followed up with a huge apology." 

If you're looking for some more entertaining comments and conversations about soft-core porn from the ladies of Lands' End, check out the company's Facebook page. As an apology, Lands' End is issuing subscriptions to Condé Nast Traveler. As our gift to you, Swim Daily readers, here's some of the photos of our very own Emily Ratajkowski from the controversial cover: