Ana Paula Araujo ('07) is this Wednesday's One Hot Wonder

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IT'S GOTTA be somethingin the water—specifically the South Atlantic Ocean—that's responsible for producing some of the worlds sexiest women. Brazilian women, that is. As a country that's home to a diverse range of ethnicities it would be a mistake to make any sweeping generalizations about the country's female population (probably a mistake to make any sweeping generalizations about a population, ever), or try to figure out why it is women from that region will forever have a place in our hearts. Instead let's agree it's the case and appreciate what it means for us. In the case of this post, it means Ana Paula Araujo who was one of seven Brazilian bonitas picked to live in a house rep their country for the 2007 SI Swimsuit Issue. 

But how could we stop at one photo shoot with Ana Paula? With skin so smooth I would feel better knowing it was the work of airbrushing (it ain't), the model was a natural fit for the 2007 body painting feature.

Check out her work from both shoots and then get to know her a little better in the video below.