You know you're an SI Swimsuit model when...

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The lovely ladies of SI Swimsuit are known for looking absolutely flawless in a bikini. From Zanzibar to Turks and Caicos these babes know how to heat up beaches all over the world. 

We already know that these women are pros when it comes to getting the perfect shot, but what else does it take to be a SI Swimsuit model? You're in luck, these beauties are here to show you—in GIF form!

1. You're not afraid to get a little sandy 

2. Your sultry stare is practically hypnotizing 

3. You've battled your fair share of waves

4. You know to get the perfect the underwater shot

5. You can rock a swimsuit in unconventional places—like a phone booth!

6. You've mastered the hair flip

7. You wear nothing but body paint with confidence

8. You're not shy about your goofy side on set

9. You know how to look FIERCE when posing with animals

10. You aren't intimidated by a bejeweled bikini bottom

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