WATCH: Ronda Rousey body paint outtakes

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Ronda Rousey made headlines when she appeared in the 2015 SI Swimsuit Issue, so when we invited her back this year, we needed to do something special. And there's nothing more special for a swimsuit model than body paint!


The UFC star ventured to Petit St. Vincent for her 2016 SI Swimsuit shoot. Ronda was in good spirits, joking before the 15-hour body painting session that "everyone's just going to start playing Picture Pages on my cooter so it's gonna be real fun." We admire that type of enthusiasm!

Of course, Ronda's first passion is mixed martial arts and she will make her long-awaited return to The Octagon on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas. If you can't wait that long to see her, be sure to check out Ronda's full outtakes in the video above.

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