Nina Agdal slips back into an Edge shaving cream bikini

Nina Agdal wears nothing but an Edge shaving cream bikini. 
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It's time to #GetYourEdge with a shaving cream-covered Nina Agdal!

In a new ad for SI Swimsuit 2017, Edge made all of our dreams come true by convincing everyone's favorite Danish beauty to ditch her bikini for one made out of nothing more than shaving cream. Talk about some seriously sexy product placement...


Meet Nina Agdal at VIBES by SI Swimsuit in Houston!

This isn't the first time you've seen Nina in a shaving cream bikini. As you may recall, she also sported a shaving cream bikini last year and spoke about the importance of a shave gel formula that doesn't slide off and protects your skin. 

Back for Season 2, Nina admits that "the pressures of shooting with shaving gel is the fact that [she's] naked underneath it." But with a crew this great and a girl this beautiful, magic is guaranteed to come out of it.

Watch the clip above for some behind-the-scenes action from Nina's steamy shaving cream shoot, and be sure to come meet her in person next week at VIBES in Houston

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