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Where did we go?

Vomo Island, one of the more than 300 that make up the nation of Fiji. It’s a long trip to get there from the U.S., but the island vibe hits you long before you land thanks to Fiji Airways, which imbues every element of your flight with Fijian culture.

Where did we stay?

Vomo Island, a 255‑acre paradise that’s a short helicopter ride away from the airport. The resort is the only thing on the island, so visiting means you’re getting away from it all. But if you want to get even farther away from it all, fear not: You can rent Vomo Lai Lai—or Little Vomo—and have the nearby island all to yourself. (If you run out of champagne, don't sweat it. Just call the resort on your two-way radio and they’ll send some over.)


What did we do?

Went snorkeling among the reefs, relaxed on the white beaches and swam in the pristine blue and green water. We also did a little fishing. Hannah caught a Spanish mackerel, a kingfish and a trevally—which led to an exquisite sashimi lunch courtesy of the resort’s chef. Don’t worry, though: You’re not expected to catch your own meal. The resort has plenty of food that is light, fresh and sublime.

What did we bring home?

Kava root powder (for its calming effect) and coconut oil (for its pampering effect).